What Makes Us Different

A lot of out-of-town law firms will give your case the one-size-fits-all treatment, simply copying what they do for their other clients.

That’s not how it works at Pilzer Klein. We know your Social Security Disability case is personal, so we treat you like an individual.

We want to do more than win your case. You might be going through one of the hardest times in your life. You deserve the utmost respect and dignity. So we make sure you’re well cared for every step of the way.

We can summarize our approach in five parts.

5 Ways Pilzer Klein Treats You Better:

    • We Focus on Social Security Disability. We dedicate our practice to Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cases. Social Security has its own legal system for disability benefits, and we know it in depth. That helps us tailor your case to your needs more than lawyers who take multiple kinds of cases and are less familiar with Social Security. We’ve been helping people in South Carolina win disability benefits for over 35 years.
    • We’re Local. When your lawyer really knows your local health care services and the people in your local Social Security office, you get an advantage. Our focus on disability cases gives us the opportunity to learn the landscape better than other lawyers. We’re proud to say we’re local to upstate South Carolina, and we focus on serving South Carolinians.
    • We’re With You from Day 1. Unlike a lot of firms, at Pilzer Klein, you’ll speak to your lawyer from day one. Our lawyers personally start your case. They don’t turn you over to their staff and then drop in later, like at some firms. Don Pilzer and Kevin Klein aren’t just TV personality lawyers. They’re real lawyers, doing real work on your case every day.
    • We’re Loyal. We’re loyal to you. We don’t drop your case because it gets harder along the way. Some lawyers do that. We stay by your side from the first day forward, checking in with you regularly. If you have a hearing with a judge, we take time to get you prepared and confident. This could be the most crucial phase of your claim, but you might not even see some other lawyers until the day of your hearing.
    • Licensed Attorneys. At Pilzer Klein, you will always work with a licensed attorney. Non-attorney advocates can represent you with Social Security Disability claims, but they don’t have the level of training that lawyers have in presenting arguments and cases. And non-attorney advocates can’t represent you at all if you lose your appeal and need to take your case to Federal Court. Make sure you’re getting a licensed lawyer like the ones in our office.

We’ll provide a consultation on your case for free. And there’s no attorney’s fee unless you win benefits. Contact us today.