Need to Apply for SSD Benefits in Greenville? Pilzer Klein Can Help.

To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits you must meet the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) definition of “disabled.” The administration will only deem you disabled if:

1It’s determined you’re unable to adjust to other work because of your physical and/or mental condition(s);

2You’re unable to do work you’ve done before; and

3Your disability is expected to last for at least 12 months (or result in death).

Social Security only pays for total disability, not partial disability.

Why Is Applying for Benefits so Hard?

You may think it’s easy to win benefits. You may think if you simply explain your situation to the SSA, someone will understand and start giving you a monthly benefits check. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Applying for disability benefits is a complicated legal process. You must meet the SSA’s definition of “disabled.”

What Your Application Must Include
To ensure you have the best shot at qualifying, your application must be exactly what the SSA is expecting.

Things your application needs to be:

  • Accurate: Make sure every item is correct. One slip-up could deliver a denial.
  • Thorough: Don’t leave any evidence out. A thin application won’t get you the benefits you need.
  • Timely: Don’t wait to call us. Once you know your health makes working impossible, start the process. If you win, you’ll get back benefits to cover the amount of time you waited for a decision from when you applied. Don’t leave yourself any more vulnerable than you already are.

You also need every piece of evidence you can gather, including:

  • Doctor’s reports
  • Interviews with friends, family, doctors and coworkers
  • Hospital records
  • Detailed documentation of how your health issues affect your everyday life

It looks daunting. We know. But we can help you gather all of these items and compile them correctly.

At Pilzer Klein, we know the system and how it can trip up applicants along the way. Let us help you through the process. We can give you your best chance at winning the benefits you deserve.

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“I had been denied 2 or 3 times for SSI and thankfully Kevin Klein, Don Pilzer’s partner, was successful in getting my benefits. He was always available and answered any emails or calls very quickly. They are very professional. I would definitely use this firm again and highly recommend them to anyone who needs help in receiving their disability benefits.”

Are Most People Who Apply Denied?

Yes. More than 60% of those who apply are denied. There are thousands of rules, regulations and procedures involved in the Social Security Disability program. You can be turned down if a Social Security employee doesn’t gather all of your medical evidence or if your doctor doesn’t understand the SSA’s definition of disability. You can also be turned down if your appeal isn’t handled properly.

The Odds of Winning Benefits

All disability cases are unique and depend on your medical conditions and your work history. At Pilzer Klein, we’ll start you off with a free evaluation to determine your odds of winning disability benefits. Contact us now to learn more.