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It is not unusual for disability applicants to resume some work, often part time, while their application for disability is pending. The most common reason offered for this is that a person simply cannot survive economically without doing something productive during the two and a half to three years that it often takes to have…


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As part of a campaign to reduce the number of people awarded Social Security disability, the Social Security Administration has changed the rule about how much weight to accord opinion statements from treating doctors. Under the old rule, it was presumed that the treating physician had a special knowledge of the patient, and those opinions…


The White House’s federal budget proposes to reduce federal spending for Social Security disability by 72 billion dollars over the next ten years. In addition, it proposes to cut 600 billion dollars from the Medicaid budget, in addition to the 839 billion dollars in Medicaid cuts proposed by the US House of Representatives. This would…


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