Denied Disability Benefits? Here’s What You Should Do Next

Most importantly, don’t give up. You can still appeal and win your case.

It’s frustrating, irritating and crushing when the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies your Social Security Disability claim. And while the appeals process can be a complicated process, success is still possible.

The majority of those who apply for disability benefits are turned down. But Greenville Social Security Disability attorneys Don Pilzer and Kevin Klein want to help you turn your denial into an approval.

There are four levels of appeals:

    1Reconsideration: This is a review of your claim by someone who was not involved in the initial decision. Your original evidence is reviewed along with any new evidence you provide.

    2Hearing by an Administration Law Judge (ALJ): These hearings take place in the Social Security Administration’s offices. At this appeals stage, you get to present your evidence before a judge who will issue a ruling. Most cases are won at this level.

    3Review by Appeals Council: If the ALJ denies your case, you may ask the Appeals Council for a review. At this stage, the Appeals Council may return your case to the ALJ for a new hearing.

    4Federal Court Review: If you disagree with the Appeals Council decision, you can file a lawsuit in Federal District Court. You must have an attorney admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court in your state of residence to represent you at this level.

No matter where you are in the appeals process, we strongly encourage you to get legal help at this point in the process. Let Pilzer Klein fight the government for you. If you were turned down, it’s not the end for your claim; contact us for a free evaluation.

Important – If you received a denial letter, don’t wait to file an appeal. You have only 60 days to file your appeal. Don’t miss this important deadline!

If you have a hearing scheduled, this is often the most critical stage in your case. This hearing before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is the best chance to present your medical and work evidence. It’s very important that you and your evidence are prepared to go before the judge. If you’ve received a denial letter, we strongly recommend you call our offices for help.

Greenville Social Security Disability lawyers Pilzer Klein will:

  • Prepare your case and set your case strategy
  • Analyze your Social Security file
  • Prepare you to testify
  • Collect all your evidence from your doctors and other medical providers
  • Question witnesses
  • Cross-examine any medical and vocational experts at your hearing

The Social Security Administration can bring in expert witnesses to provide testimony during your hearing. Attorneys Don Pilzer and Kevin Klein know how to present evidence to help your chances and to cross-examine these experts, if necessary.

If you were denied Social Security Disability benefits, Don Pilzer explains how to appeal.


Client name withheld by request, Greenville, SC

“My own original attempt at qualifying for Social Security Disability was turned down. I quickly went to the Don Pilzer Law Firm to handle my appeal. My case was delegated to one of his associates, Mr. Kevin P. Klein. With his professional efforts, expertise, and determination, along with his case manager Ms. Patti Harris and her tireless and diligent work, I ultimately received a favorable ruling. My particular disability involved a mental disorder which required an enormous amount of patience on both the part of Mr. Klein and Ms. Patti Harris. I owe my successful outcome to them in achieving this goal. To highly recommend the Don Pilzer Law Firm would be an understatement. Please do what I did. Simply call them. Again, thank you, Mr. Klein and thank you, Miss Patti.”

Greg Crawford, Greenville, SC

“I won my disability claim after being denied 3 times with the expert help of Kevin Klein and his assistant Angela. They were always nice and patient when I had questions. On a scale of 1-10 I would give them an 11. I will refer anyone I know to Mr. Pilzer and his staff for legal advice.”

Client name withheld by request, Greenville, SC

“I had been denied Social Security Disability twice, but thanks to Don Pilzer’s Law Firm, I have been approved. My disability claim was much needed due to heart problems. Thank God For Him!!! I highly recommend The Pilzer Law Firm for all your needs. Thank you, Don Pilzer and Laura. “

Most People Win Benefits When Working with a Lawyer

The Social Security Administration’s own statistics show that you have a higher chance of winning disability benefits when you have representation. Because there are no legal fees if you don’t win your claim for benefits, your decision to get legal help should be a very easy one.

Don Pilzer has more than 30 years of experience in disability law. Let Don and his team use his experience and knowledge to help make a difference in your appeal. Contact our office now for a free evaluation of your case.