When applying for Social Security disability in South Carolina, there are several things that you can do as an applicant to increase your benefit approval odds.

  1. Gather thorough medical documentation
  2. Complete your social security benefits application to the fullest extent required
  3. Take advantage of speaking to a South Carolina Social Security disability applications lawyer early in the application process 

As a Social Security disability appeals lawyer in South Carolina, we see many cases where the mentioned steps were skipped, but we take pride in simplifying the process and assisting you in winning your disability appeals hearing. Pilzer Law Firm has built over 30 years of experience in helping clients get approved for Social Security disability efficiently and effectively.

Whenever you are ready to begin the appeals process, we are here for you.

Reasons Your Disability Benefits Request Was Rejected

In some situations, the SSA will reject your claim for benefits for a variety of reasons, the most common rejection reasons are:

Inadequate Work Experience

Work history is significant in your disability benefits claim for four reasons.

  1. Because you pay into social security disability insurance (SSDI) through payroll taxes, your employment history proves that you are insured. You must have recently paid into this program to be eligible for SSDI compensation.
  2. Your work history demonstrates that you are fully insured. To be considered fully covered, you must have paid SSDI payments totaling 40 “quarters of coverage.” Each year, you can earn up to four quarters of coverage.
  3. Work history documents are used to assess whether your handicap stops you from performing previous work. The disability examiner will look at your previous work to see if you can do this work with your impairment. Having some kind of employment background will assist them make their decision.
  4. The quantity of benefits is determined by your work history. The SSA examines your earned income and SSDI payments to determine the amount of disability benefits you are eligible for.

SSI Applicants With Excessive Income

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a sort of disability compensation offered to those with low income. If you earn more than the income limit for this bracket, the SSA may refuse you benefits:

  • You are ineligible if your monthly income exceeds $1,500
  • Over $740 per month lowers your payments

Inadequate Medical Evidence

If you don’t see a doctor on a regular basis for your ailment, there will be fewer records to back up the crippling consequences of your disease and less evidence for the disability examiner to use when deciding your case. When filing an appeal, medical evidence is key to winning your claim.

The Social Security Administration will usually send you for a “consultative medical exam,” which is when they hire a doctor and arrange for them to perform a medical assessment on you. However, this exam is usually very brief and does not provide enough information on your symptoms or the physical limitations caused by your disability.

Take advantage of clinics of doctors that offer sliding scale rates to build your medical evidence claim.

Other Medical Considerations

Your application for disability payments may also be declined if your disability is not severe enough or is not projected to persist for more than 12 months. Furthermore, if your disabling disease is the result of a drug or alcohol addiction, or if you do not complete prescribed medical care for your condition, you will most likely be refused benefits.

Other Causes of Denial

Other possible causes for denial of social security disability benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • When the SSA tries to contact you, they are unable to locate you
  • You refuse to comply with the SSA’s requirements, such as a consultative medical exam
  • You were convicted of a crime
  • You committed fraud

Increase Your Approval Odds For Social Security Disability Benefits

Applying for Social Security disability benefits requires extensive work such as completing the appropriate forms, collecting and submitting proper medical documentation, matching Blue Book requirements, and staying in contact with the SSA or Disability Office.  

Finding a Social Security attorney in South Carolina to assist with your disability appeals application process from start to end may increase your chances of getting approved. With the help of a legal advocate you can:

  • File your social security disability insurance claim accurately and promptly
  • Receive guided assistance to file an appeal if your social security disability application is denied
  • Get legal help in preparing for your disability benefits appeals hearing
  • Have legal support to help you apply for benefits again or spend your benefits wisely

How An Attorney Can Help Your Disability Appeal

The majority of claims allowed by the Appeals Council are the result of a judge’s technical or legal error. Social Security lawyers are well-versed in the laws and regulations governing the Social Security disability claims process.

A qualified disability lawyer can draft a written argument to the Appeals Council that explains why the judge’s judgment was incorrect. We can also get a copy of the transcript of your disability hearing and search for any procedural flaws that may merit an Appeals Council review.

Consult With An Attorney For Free Regarding Your Disability Appeal

We understand you have a lot on your plate, which is why our social security disability appeals lawyers are here to help. While we have a considerable legal understanding of the South Carolina appeals procedure, you are under no obligation to hire us.

Pilzer Law Firm provides a free full case evaluation to go through the details of your denial. During this initial consultation, we will determine why your application was denied and devise a strategy to remedy the situation. If you are unable to come to us, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will make arrangements.