Do you know how to get medical records for someone needing disability benefits? Is your condition preventing you from working now but hasn’t been continuous? Do you need help appealing after your benefits were denied? If any of these scenarios apply to you, we are here to help.

Our top-rated South Carolina Social Security disability lawyers offer full legal support from the beginning of the application process until the end of an appeal. 

You can increase your chances of collecting disability insurance with Pilzer Law Firm, and we may be able to expedite your benefits application if you have a life-threatening disease. Simplify the application process by contacting a firm that has specialized in Social Security disability cases for over 30 years and offers a personalized strategy for winning your claim.

The Social Security Administration’s Definition of Disability

The term “disability” is defined quite strictly by Social Security. To be declared disabled under the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) rules, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are unable to execute the essential functions of your previous job
  • Because of your medical condition, you are unable to adapt to other jobs(s)
  • Your medical condition(s) must be predicted by medical specialists to endure at least one year and/or result in death

Do You Have a Disabling Condition?

So, how do you determine if you have a “disabling condition?” Review the following:

  1. Inability to do your prior occupation—If you are unable to go to work or must take so many breaks that you are unable to execute your obligations at work, your handicap may be severe enough to qualify.
  2. You are unable to transition to other work—if your skill set cannot be transferred to another, simpler employment, you may be eligible for disability compensation.
  3. Your medical condition is projected to endure at least one year; if it improves rapidly, you will not be eligible for Social Security.

If you fit these criteria, you can apply for disability benefits at your local Social Security office, online, or with the help of an advocate or attorney.

How To Prevent Being Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

The Blue Book is the Social Security Administration’s guide to highly debilitating impairments. If you have a handicap that is mentioned in the Blue Book and have medical proof to support your diagnosis, you are in good standing to qualify for disability benefits.

Secondly, obtaining detailed medical records for submission alongside a thoroughly completed application can greatly improve your chances of being approved and preventing a rejection. The application process can be lengthy, so if you need additional help with completing your application, our South Carolina Social Security disability insurance attorneys can assist you.

Obtaining Medical Records for Benefit Purposes

If you are experiencing trouble obtaining medical records for a beneficiary, you may need to consult a disability attorney to gain the necessary consent. Because of the very litigious nature of medicine, some health providers may be reluctant to release medical records, and a lawyer may often expedite the process.

For those who have the right to access and read the medical records, filling out a request form is the most typical way to access the records, and there is normally a price associated with it. Furthermore, in rare situations, institutions will refuse to divulge any material without a court order or a freedom of information act request.

Advantages of Hiring a Social Security Lawyer

Most people find a social security lawyer in South Carolina after their disability application has been denied. Still, it is strategic to contact an attorney early on in the process to prevent having to appeal.

The advantage of hiring an attorney to advocate for you can be beneficial in the following stages:

Help With Filing Your Social Security Claim

Your attorney can assist you in filing your initial disability claim. This can have a big impact on your case right away. Many claims are refused because the application is incomplete and Disability Determination Services does not get the documentation needed to proceed.

An attorney can ensure that your application is completed with precise details about your condition, limits, and restrictions. Your lawyer can also ensure that all of your medical documents are released and delivered to the appropriate office at Disability Determination Services.

Submit An Appeal After Being Denied Disability Benefits

If your original claim is denied, your lawyer may file a request for reconsideration, which is the first appeal accessible to a denied claimant. During this procedure, your claim and proof are reviewed again. 

Your claim is reviewed by a new team of people at Disability Determination Services throughout this step and can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. If your claim is denied at this stage, your attorney will submit an appeal and request a hearing before an administrative law judge on your behalf.

Preparing For Your Social Security Benefit Appeals Hearing

The wait for this hearing can take several months but this level of the disability claims procedure can be the most fruitful because most claims–approximately 65% of claims are approved at the hearing.

In order for the judge to approve your claim, your attorney will prepare you by advising you of what to expect, informing and preparing you for the questions that will be asked, comparing and updating medical documentation and other information, and discussing strategy with other experts to maximize your chances of being approved.

Understanding Your Appeals Decision

Once the judge has made a ruling on your claim, the attorney can provide additional resources or assistance to help you navigate what to do next.

  • If your claim is refused, they can assist you in refiling and restarting the procedure. 
  • If your claim is approved, they can provide you with information on Medicare and your insurance options, as well as assist you in planning how to spend your benefits effectively.

Need to Find a Good Social Security Lawyer in South Carolina?

Pilzer Law firm specializes in disability benefits law, servicing clients across South Carolina with dedication and respect. Our Social Security disability attorneys can work closely with you doctors, gather pertinent evidence, and solicit expert advice on the best course of action if an appeal is needed.

As seasoned litigators, we bring vast experiences of the South Carolina court system to each case, aiming to help you achieve a favorable outcome. Contact our law office today to set up a free consultation, if you need accommodations, we are more than happy to attune to your needs.