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Don’t Make These 5 Social Security Disability Mistakes

With Social Security denying more people than ever for disability benefits, you want to be sure your application for benefits leaves no room for error. Avoid these common mistakes:

Not Getting Regular Medical Care

Going to the doctor regularly is the best way to gather the medical records you need to prove your claim and convince Social Security that your health conditions are serious.

Still Working

Social Security Disability is meant for people who can’t work. If you’re still working, you won’t qualify.

Downplaying the Difficulty of Past Jobs

In your application, don’t leave out tasks that your past jobs required, or underestimate how strenuous those tasks were. Tell them everything that your job demanded.

Using Drugs and Alcohol

A disability judge could say that using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol worsens your medical conditions, so you must stop the substances in order to show you need benefits.

Trying to Apply Alone

Getting an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer lightens your burden and increases your chances—at no risk for you. You pay no lawyer fee until you win.

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