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    Do You Need Financial Relief?

    Your life could be so much easier with Social Security Disability benefits. When you can’t work because of bad health, and your bills are growing, disability checks give you a break—so you can regain your sense of peace.

    But most people get denied. Who can help you? The disability lawyers at Pilzer Klein. We help people in Greenville, Asheville, Spartanburg, Anderson and everywhere in South Carolina and North Carolina. Social Security Disability Is All We Do.

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    Don’t Make These 5 Social Security Disability Mistakes

    With Social Security denying more people than ever for disability benefits, you want to be sure your application for benefits leaves no room for error. Avoid these common mistakes:

    • 1

      Not Getting Regular Medical Care

      Going to the doctor regularly is the best way to gather the medical records you need to prove your claim and convince Social Security that your health conditions are serious.

    • 2

      Still Working

      Social Security Disability is meant for people who can’t work. If you’re still working, you won’t qualify.

    • 3

      Downplaying the Difficulty of Past Jobs

      In your application, don’t leave out tasks that your past jobs required, or underestimate how strenuous those tasks were. Tell them everything that your job demanded.

    • 4

      Using Drugs and Alcohol

      A disability judge could say that using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol worsens your medical conditions, so you must stop the substances in order to show you need benefits.

    • 5

      Trying to Apply Alone

      Getting an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer lightens your burden and increases your chances—at no risk for you. You pay no lawyer fee until you win.

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    5 Reasons to Work with Pilzer Klein

    Some law firms treat you like just another case file. The Carolina disability attorneys at Pilzer Klein see you for the human being you are. We believe in personal attention, respect and dignity

    • 1

      Support from Day One

      You’ll work directly with your lawyer and case manager from the start. We’re more than TV lawyers. We’re real lawyers who personally help you.

    • 2

      Fully Trained Attorneys

      You can find non-attorney disability advocates. With Pilzer Klein, you get a licensed lawyer with advanced training who can take your claim all the way to Federal Court.

    • 3

      Local Experience

      Unlike big national firms, we know local Social Security offices, judges and health services in South Carolina and North Carolina. That can be an advantage for you.

    • 4


      When your case gets hard, some lawyers will drop you. Not us. We stay by your side and make sure you’re prepared to talk to a disability judge.

    • 5

      Social Security Disability Focus

      Social Security has its own legal system for deciding disability claims. We work with that every day. We don’t juggle in other cases. Social Security Disability Is All We Do.

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    Before you choose someone to help with your Social Security Disability claim…

    Ask if the firm is local.

    Ask if your case will be handled by an attorney.

    Ask if your attorney will meet you well before the day of your hearing.

    Better yet, ask for Pilzer Klein.

    We’re here in the Carolinas. And Social Security Disability is all we do.

    In the Carolinas, Get a Disability Attorney Who’s also a Neighbor.

    Find the Help You Need

    The Carolina disability lawyers at Pilzer Klein are here for you at every step of the process of applying for disability benefits or appealing a denial.

    “This is one great law firm. . . . TOOK VERY LITTLE EFFORT FROM ME because they handled it all. I would refer anyone to this firm.”

    - Karen, Google Reviews

    “HE WAS ABLE TO WIN THE CASE FOR ME—but more importantly he seemed to really care about me and my case. I did not feel like I was just a number.”

    - Dee, Google Reviews

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