Social Security Disability insurance is a program that is meant to help people. When you are hurt or sick and cannot work, you need the financial relief that these benefits can provide. Although the program’s intention is good, trying to successfully claim these benefits is very difficult. 

At Pilzer Klein, we are committed to helping you overcome the challenges and complete your claim to receive payments. We understand that you are overwhelmed and stressed as you deal with your disability. When you worry about paying bills, it can be frightening to think about not getting approved. Fortunately, we can provide guidance from a Spartanburg Social Security Disability lawyer to increase your chances of success.

You Can Secure Your Benefits with Help from a Skilled Attorney

While the process can seem easy, it is also easy to make mistakes and end up with a denied claim. If you make a mistake or leave out information, your claim can be rejected. It will also be sent back to you if you do not submit enough documentation to support your illness or injury claim. The ugly truth is that over two-thirds of all claims are denied

This does not have to happen to you. Working with a skilled Social Security Disability lawyer in Spartanburg can dramatically improve the odds that you are approved on the first try. If you have already applied to obtain payments but have been denied, we can still help. We can review your application and the reason for the denial. 

Our legal team will carefully examine your paperwork and help you improve it. We will search out additional medical records to boost your claim of disability. We are not a national firm that takes on thousands of cases each year. We concentrate on helping citizens in our local community, so you get help from a trusted neighbor.

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Apply Right Away Because the Process Takes Time

Your Spartanburg Social Security Disability attorney will encourage you to file your application immediately after you are declared disabled. The process is easy to complete, but it takes a long time for a decision to be made. The average wait time after you submit your paperwork is 6-12 months until your hearing is scheduled.

After that, your lawyer will accompany you to the hearing to argue on your behalf. Once the hearing is complete, you will still wait between two and three months before you get a decision. This is why you must apply right away to begin receiving benefits as soon as you are approved. 

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Pilzer Klein Helps When Your Claim Is Denied

If you have already applied and your claim was denied, we are here to help you try again. You should not wait to file an appeal. You must file within 60 days of your denial. Do not give up, be discouraged, or open a new claim.

If you wait until after 60 days or file a new application, you will be put at the back of the line and start all over again. Do not risk your financial future by making this mistake. A qualified Social Security Disability attorney in Spartanburg from Pilzer Klein will protect you from damaging your chances at benefits.

Our team will help you argue your case to demonstrate that you truly deserve the benefits. We assist through all four levels of appeal actions, going all the way with you. We will help you if you need to keep pushing to the Federal Court review and can file the motions required for this final step.

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You Need a Spartanburg Social Security Disability Lawyer Who Works for You

Most people in our area like working with someone who is local and understands the Upstate. Using a Spartanburg Social Security Disability lawyer makes a difference. When you need advice to get critical monthly payments and Medicare coverage, you need the team at Pilzer Klein.  

We have focused on helping our neighbors in the Carolinas for over 37 years. We only handle  Social Security Disability claims. Because we are dedicated to this area of the law, we are extremely knowledgeable about how the system works and how to increase your chances of approval. 

Some other reasons you should hire our firm include:

  • We work closely with local medical providers and clinics in Spartanburg, allowing us to collect the documentation you need to support your claim quickly.
  • Our team is familiar with the procedures used by the local Social Security offices and disability judges, so we can smooth the way for you.
  • We connect you with a lawyer right away, instead of setting you up with an assistant or non-attorney advocate. Your attorney will personally start your case
  • We fight with you all the way through your application process and will guide you through making any appeals. 

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At Pilzer Klein, we are dedicated to helping the citizens of the South Carolina Upstate file for the benefits they deserve. Your Spartanburg Social Security Disability lawyer is here for you so you do not have to face this challenge alone.

We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not pay an attorney fee until and unless you win benefits. Do not risk losing out on the benefits you deserve. Hire Pilzer Klein today to give you peace of mind. Contact us nowto schedule a free case evaluation.

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