Are you dealing with a medical condition that prevents you from working in Anderson, SC? While this situation can provoke a lot of stress, you can seek legal assistance and benefits to cover your expenses. 

Social Security Disability benefits can provide you with funds for your monthly expenses while you’re unable to work. An Anderson, SC, social security disability lawyer can help in your situation, explaining the process of applying for benefits or handling an initial denial. 

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What Qualifies You for Disability in Anderson, SC?

Individuals in Anderson, SC, must meet the same standards as people throughout the country to qualify for social security disability (SSD) benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) sets up these benefits.

Generally, you have a chance to receive SSD benefits if you worked and contributed to the SSD fund. Usually, individuals must have worked full-time for at least five out of the previous 10 years to qualify for SSD benefits. 

Additionally, you must have a severe disability that prevents you from working for at least a year or that is expected to last at least 12 months to qualify for SSD benefits. After you apply, your claim may go through the South Carolina Department of Social Services

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What Benefits Can You Get Through SSD?

SSD benefits can help provide you with funds to cover your monthly expenses while you’re off work. However, you may not get benefits while you are waiting for a decision from the SSA. This can take 18 months or longer. Once your benefits are approved, they can help you support your family, allowing you to focus on your recovery. 

While these benefits can help you cover your bill, the SSA  turns down many people around the country and in Anderson, SC. 

Fortunately, you have someone local on your side if you live in Anderson. Our team members can guide you through each step of applying for benefits, giving you more confidence about the process. An Anderson, SC, social security disability lawyer can step in to help you now. 

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How Can an Anderson, SC, Social Security Disability Lawyer Help You?

Our team has assisted people in Anderson, SC, for over three decades. We offer very specialized services and only handle Social Security Disability claims, allowing us to keep our focus on your needs. 

You can visit our primary office in Greenville, as we believe in serving our neighbors and the people in our community. We can assist with your initial SSD disability claim and any appeals you face. 

We believe working with a local Anderson, SC, social security disability lawyer makes a difference. When you work with us, you get help securing Medicare health coverage, and you may qualify for funding through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

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What Are the Advantages of Getting a Local Anderson Disability Lawyer?

You may decide to work with a large law firm to get assistance with your Social Security Disability claim. However, these claims often try to put in a minimal amount of work instead of considering all your needs. 

Our team believes you deserve help from another human being who understands your situation. Dealing with a severe injury represents an emotional time in your life, and you deserve personal attention. 

A local Anderson, SC, Social Security Disability lawyer can: 

  • Connect with local doctors to secure medical documents required for winning benefits.
  • Use their relationship with local disability judges to smooth out the process of obtaining benefits. 
  • Work with you directly while resolving your case. 

In some firms, you only see a Social Security Disability lawyer at legal hearings. Our team believes in maintaining open communication from the time we start your case. We don’t send non-attorney advocates to address your claim. Instead, you work with a fully trained member of our team. 

While some firms may drop claims if they look challenging, we believe in sticking with our clients. We can help you consider appeals and review all your options here in Anderson, SC. 

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What Is the Average Disability Payment in South Carolina?

SSD payments can vary significantly based on your situation and number of dependents. On average, people received around $1,358 in 2022, but many people received far less than that. 

A smaller portion of individuals received closer to $2,000 a month through SSD for a single person. Individuals with families and dependents often receive more. A social security disability lawyer in Anderson, SC, can help you calculate your benefits. 

Individuals who are not eligible for Title II / SSD benefits may be eligible for Title XVI / SSI disability benefits.

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