Social Security Disability benefits are a lifeline for people who can no longer work. Getting access to those benefits isn’t always easy. The Social Security Administration puts a lot of barriers between disabled people and their benefits.

To go beyond those obstacles, you need a Social Security Disability lawyer. Pilzer Klein helps people in Taylors get access to the benefits they need. In fact, Social Security Disability cases are all that we do.

Helping You Reach Better Times

A less stressful time is in your future. You just have to move from the hopeless feeling of serious health problems leaving you unable to work to the financial relief of Social Security Disability benefits. It’s a shame it’s so hard to get there. Social Security turns down most people.

But if you live in Taylors, you’ve got someone locally who can guide you through this complicated system—and on to a stronger feeling of independence and peace. The Pilzer Klein disability law firm has been helping people in the Carolinas for over 37 years. 

It makes a difference to get a local disability attorney when you need monthly Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) checks and the Medicare health coverage that comes with it.

Keep reading below to find out why.

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Denials Are Common

If you’ve tried applying and got denied, don’t be surprised. Around 60% of first-time applicants for SSD are denied benefits. If the SSA has denied your application, you’ll need the help of a legal representative to see what happened and how you can make the Social Security Administration listen.

The SSA is under a lot of pressure to give benefits only to people who meet their strict rules about who is and isn’t disabled. If things aren’t worded just so, or a piece of evidence is missing, they’ll deny your claim for the money you deserve.

Taylors, SC, SSDI lawyers can review your application and evidence and work with you to strengthen your claim for an appeal. If your case gets to the hearing stage, we will be at your side to persuade the SSA to grant you benefits.

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Advantages a Taylors, SC Disability Lawyer

This is an emotional time in your life. You deserve personal attention. That’s the No. 1 reason you want a disability attorney who’s a neighbor, someone who knows Taylors and the culture of the Carolinas. Here’s why you should use a local lawyer:

  • Local lawyers know the local doctors and clinics where you get the medical evidence required for winning benefits.
  • Local lawyers know how the local Social Security offices and disability judges operate. That can make a painful process go more smoothly for you.
  • With a local law firm like Pilzer Klein, you’ll work directly with an attorney. Our attorney personally starts your case. At some firms, you don’t see your attorney until the day you have a hearing with a judge.
  • You can be sure you’re actually getting an attorney when you work with a local firm. Some firms send non-attorney advocates (with less training than attorneys) to handle your case.
  • A local lawyer will stick with you. If your case becomes difficult, some firms might drop you. We’ll appeal denials and pursue every good option for you.

National law firms might play a numbers game with your case, putting in as little effort as possible to get the most money. But you need help from real human beings. So don’t take chances when your financial future and stability are on the line.

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If you live in Taylors, contact Pilzer Klein for a free case evaluation. You can even call us before you send the paperwork to the SSA for disability benefits. If you’ve received notice of a disability hearing, call immediately. The hearing is the most important phase of an appeal, and you need legal assistance.

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