Figuring out the confusing world of Social Security Disability benefits can be overwhelming to most people, especially when they are already facing other challenges in life. The benefits are intended to help you when you are sick or hurt and cannot work. Filing a successful claim can be really hard without professional help.

At Pilzer Klein, we focus on only these kinds of cases. We have dedicated our practice to Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) clients so we can give the very best legal advice. The program works within its own legal system, and we are experts. We are ready to help you claim the benefits you deserve. 

Most Claims Are Denied, But You Do Not Have to Be One of Them

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is meant to help you with benefits to help pay bills when you are disabled and cannot work. But the hard truth is that as many as 67% of all claimsare denied. It is easy to make mistakes on the paperwork or turn in an incomplete application. You can even be denied if there is not enough proof to support your disability claim.

At Pilzer Klein, we work with you to ensure your claim is complete and correct. We handle the hard parts for you so you can have the greatest chance for approval. Because the process can take 2-3 months for a hearing and a few more months for approval, we make sure your claim is completed as quickly as possible so you can begin receiving the payments you need. 

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A Local Lawyer Makes All the Difference

Using a Social Security disability lawyer in Mauldin makes a big difference in whether your claim is approved. When you are hoping to secure monthly Social Security Disability checks and health coverage from Medicare, you need someone you can trust who understands the Upstate and its people.

The team at Pilzer Klein has helped our community and neighbors for over 37 years. We only work on Social Security Disability cases so we can provide the most experienced and dedicated legal counsel to clients like you. Unlike larger national firms where you may work with an advocate who is not an attorney, each Mauldin Social Security disability attorney at our office will work with you personallyand from the start. 

We also have experience with the local doctors and medical clinics in the Upstate. Wherever you are receiving treatment, we can work with that office to collect the documentation you need to support your claim. We work closely with the staff at our local Social Security Administration offices, and we understand how the Upstate disability judges operate. Our focus is on making your claim proceed as smoothly as possible.

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If Your Claim Was Denied, Pilzer Klein Is Here to Help

If you have already applied for benefits and been denied, it is not too late for us to help. You can appeal your case within 60 days of receiving your denial letter. You should not give up or begin a new claim application because this will put you all the way at the back of the line for consideration.

Instead of starting over, let a Pilzer Klein Social Security disability attorney in Mauldin review your application. We can advise you on how to start your appeal and take you through the four levels of actionsyou can take. These can appear easy to complete online but are potentially frustrating if you are also dealing with pain or illness due to your disability. 

We will help you understand how to correct any errors and increase your medical documentation to give you a better chance during the appeal. Our team will support you from the first step of reconsideration all the way through to the final step of a Federal Court review for your case. 

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Your financial future and stability are on the line. Now is not the time to take chances. When you hire a Mauldin Social Security disability lawyer from Pilzer Klein, you get someone who is dedicated to the people in your town. You pay no attorney fees until you win and your claim is successful.

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