How to Meet the Eligibility Rules and Receive Monthly Checks

Your health has gotten worse, and you can’t work anymore. You’re facing a financial nightmare.

It’s time to call in the law firm that’s helped thousands of people win Social Security Disability benefits—the Law Office of Pilzer Klein.

While it’s obvious to you that you qualify for benefits, you can’t win if you don’t meet the strict requirements set by the Social Security Administration.

Your future’s at stake. When you can’t work and earn an income, the monthly checks that come with disability benefits can bring a sense of peace back to your life.

Get an experienced lawyer from Pilzer Klein to analyze your eligibility. We’ll be up-front and honest with you about what it will take to win.

Social Security Disability is all we do.


What Disability Qualifications Do I Need?

Social Security has three basic requirements you must meet to win disability income:

  1. You can’t continue at your job because of serious health problems.
  2. Your health is bad enough that you also can’t switch to a new line of work.
  3. Your condition will last at least a year, or it could be life-threatening.

It’s not good enough just to tell Social Security that you meet these three qualifications. You have to prove it.

That means showing them records of ongoing medical treatment for your health problems. It could mean explaining your situation to a Social Security administrative law judge.

Save yourself the work of preparing your case and get an experienced attorney.

A recent government report found that people who brought representatives with them to their disability hearings were almost three times more likely to win benefits.

Pilzer Klein is dedicated to helping people in the Carolinas. We don’t charge anything to analyze your case and tell you your options.


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