You Can Appeal and Reclaim Your Life

When you’ve been denied Social Security Disability benefits, you want a law firm that has helped thousands of people in the Carolinas win approvals—the Law Office of Pilzer Klein.

After all, your future’s at stake. Your health has gotten worse, and you know you can’t work. When you’re denied, it feels like all hope is lost.

Your income stops. Your medical bills grow. On top of a health crisis, you’re facing a financial meltdown.

But don’t give up.

You can still appeal the decision, win benefits, start receiving monthly checks and get a sense of peace back in your life.

In fact, most people are denied when they first apply. When they finally get benefits, it’s often because they appealed.

This might be new to you, but the lawyers at Pilzer Klein work with this system every day. Social Security Disability is all we do.


How to Handle Your Appeals Hearing with Confidence

If you have a disability hearing coming up, it could be the most important moment in your appeal. It’s your chance to explain to someone at Social Security, face to face, why you need benefits.

You need to get prepared.

The government may have someone there to testify that you can still work.

An experienced lawyer can help you get ready, so you can go in with confidence, but some lawyers won’t even meet you in person until the day of your hearing. At Pilzer Klein, we’ll get you prepared well in advance.

A recent government report found that people who bring representatives to their disability appeals hearings are almost three times more likely to be awarded benefits.

Don’t take any chances. The lawyers at Pilzer Klein will be up-front and honest with you about what it will take to win benefits.


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    “I had been denied 2 or 3 times for SSI, and thankfully Kevin Klein, Don Pilzer’s partner, was SUCCESSFUL IN GETTING MY BENEFITS. He was always available and answered any emails or calls very quickly. They are very professional. I would definitely use this firm again and highly recommend them to anyone who needs help in receiving their disability benefits.”

    -T. Wyatt