Social Security Administration Publishes New Regulations Regarding Submission of Evidence

Starting April 20, 2015, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will require disability claimants to submit any written evidence no later than five business days before the date of their scheduled hearing. It also requires representatives to submit all known evidence that relates to whether the person is disabled – whether it is supportive of disability…


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How to Qualify for Medicare and Medicaid

If you’re disabled and qualify for Disability Insurance Benefits, sometimes called Title II, you are also eligible for Medicare on the 30th full month after the onset of your disability. This means if you were found to have become disable on Jan. 15, 2013, for example, take out the first five full months (Feb. through…


The Four-Word Expression to Avoid Using at Your Social Security Hearing

Having represented thousands of Social Security claimants in hearings, I have concluded that one expression, above all, is the most despised by Administrative Law Judges. The express is: “It’s been a while.” This vague evasion almost always undercuts your credibility as a witness. This is what we hear: When is the last time you were…


How The Social Security Administration Handles Intellectual Deficiency Disability Claims

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has published a standard for evaluating disability claims based upon intellectual deficiencies (formerly referred to as mental retardation). In all cases of intellectual disability, the person claiming benefits must prove deficits in adaptive functioning which were evident before the age of 22. Deficits in adaptive functioning normally refer to limitations…